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Expertos en seguridad de Oriente y Occidente se reúnen en Londres en el marco del Securing Asia 2013

El evento permitió el intercambio de conocimiento y experiencias entre desarrolladores, proveedores de tecnologías de seguridad y clientes

Expertos en seguridad de Oriente y Occidente se reúnen en Londres en el marco del Securing Asia 2013

Una vista de algunos de los participantes del evento

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Actualizado el 30 de agosto, 2013 - 16.59hs.

Expertos en seguridad, oficiales de gobierno, emprendedores y líderes académicos tanto de Asia como de Occidente, se reunieron los pasados 24 y 25 de Junio de 2013 en el Centro de Conferencias de Londres Queen Elizabeth II, en el marco del Asian Homeland Security, Defence & Counter Terror Summit, Securing Asia 2013. Más abajo el resto del comunicado en inglés.

In his opening words, Mr Harry Dhaul, Chairman of Securing Asia reflected on the opportunities and challenges present in Asia’s security threats. Referring to the meaning and merit of democracy, he described the security market as having the goal to “protect the Haves from the Have-Nots, until the Have-nots become Haves”.

Presentations first focused on the Asian mindset, and the cross-cultural obstacles Western enterprises may face when dealing with Asian  clients. Subsequently, experts including Professor Anatol Lieven of King’s College London and Mr Jonathan Paris of the South Asia Centre of the Atlantic Council tackled the topic of cyber terrorism. Mr Paris explored the concept of public-private partnerships, stating: "The private sector is better positioned in many ways to lead the cyber fight than the government."

Following elaborate explorations of anti-corruption legislation and compliance, an India-specific Special Session commenced. In a panel that included high-ranking officers of India’s police force, the ever-present threat of insurgency was connected to the information age, and all the problems it brings. The government officials present expressed a keen interest in engaging with suppliers, outlining their specific security and product requirements. Speaking with presenting delegates and exhibitors, they were enthusiastic to secure connections with the ultimate goal of procurement.

The summit provides a unique and interactive business-to-business (B2B) platform, allowing representatives from Asian nations the chance to meet with Western suppliers and experts. Participants included India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Kazakhstan, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Malawi, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Indonesia and others. The summit takes place over the space of two days, including presentations, workshops, exhibitions and networking events. The personal interaction during one-to-one meetings and extensive networking opportunities resulted in a fruitful business efforts and a bustling experience overall. Securing Asia 2013

Day Two

The second and final day of Securing Asia 2013, the Asian Homeland Security, Defence & Counter Terror Summit, gave rise to an unforeseen number of negotiations and business deals struck. In between meetings, suppliers and buyers of security solutions enjoyed presentations and workshops with influential speakers. Field experts presented on internationally topics crucial to homeland security and counter-terrorism strategy, including the future of Afghanistan, maritime piracy and aviation security.

The exhibition provided an effective platform for interaction with cutting-edge developers and suppliers of security technology solutions. Not only does this platform provide Asian policymakers with a comprehensive overview of the security market’s latest product releases, it allows Western suppliers to engage with a market it perhaps would not have the means to otherwise. The resulting agreements could play a crucial role in modernising Asian security forces, allowing them to combat domestic and international threats more effectively.

Enterprises present offered products ranging from single and twin-engine helicopters, to mobile phone emergency alert systems, to remote turret cameras and  also perimeter fencing. In the industry coined as the “Trainer of Trainers”, Tiger Helicopters operates a Flight Training Centre that has in the past trained pilots for special police forces. The UK-based security consultancy Dark Star, also a Summit Partner, provides services including deployable surveillance and bespoke military training. Major (Retd.) Matthew Hurley, founder and CEO of Dark Star, confirmed that “the summit was very well organised and directed, which has given Dark Star a clearer understanding about Asia and the opportunities this growth market presents.”

Mr. James Brokenshire MP, Minister for Security at the Home Office, presented on the United Kingdom’s views on improving international cooperation in the fields of security and intelligence. Following the the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, he reckons “the United Kingdom has considerable experience to share”. Following one of the key themes of Securing Asia 2013, Mr. Brokenshire stressed that “cyber terrorism knows no borders”. Home-grown terrorism, fuelled by online radicalisation, has given a new dimension to cyber policing. Ultimately, the core of domestic counter-terrorist strategy should be to "work with communities, to isolate extremist voices from the moderate majority”.

Securing Asia 2013 took place over the space of the two days, including presentations, workshops, exhibitions and networking events. Participants included India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Kazakhstan, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Malawi, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Indonesia and others. The enthusiasm of participants and expertise of exhibitors have resulted in a great success, predicting a great future for Western-Asian cooperation.


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