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Infosecurity Europe 2016: CYBERBIT Introduces SCADAShield 5.0 - A Critical Infrastructure Security Upgraded Version

Providing advanced security and operational continuity, the new solution introduces OT/IT network discovery and visualization, as well as air transport logistics protocol support

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Actualizado el 6 de junio, 2016 - 16.40hs.

CYBERBIT, a leading provider of security, operational continuity and visibility solutions for critical infrastructure, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., introduces SCADAShield 5.0, a critical infrastructure security upgraded version that provides users with advanced security and operational continuity. The new version introduces NetMap, a new approach to OT and IT network visibility that enables discovery and visualization, as well as advanced support for air transport logistics protocols to designated customers in the airport logistics space

Adi Dar, CYBERBIT’s CEO commented: “CYBERBIT protects the most sensitive networks on the globe and it will continue to innovate and provide the robustness and reliability required by OT and IT managers of critical infrastructure organizations. OT and IT network visibility is a major industry pain and our new SCADAShield 5.0 upgraded version addresses it directly, as well as the organizations’ continuity and security concerns.“  

The new features of SCADAShield 5.0 include:

NetMap: A new approach to OT network visibility. OT networks are complex, hard to map, and integrate multiple systems and protocols. IT and OT managers are challenged in understanding IT and OT network touch points. AnD often unaware of all IPs, devices and controllers in their own network. NetMap finally provides critical infrastructure network managers with the essential visibility, presenting a comprehensive graphic visualization of all OT and IT network components and their communication protocols.

Air Transport Protocols: Support for TIM and SITA protocols enabling continuous monitoring of air transport logistics networks.

Advanced Machine Learning: The new release provides automated creation of advanced whitelist rules based on machine learning. These rules enable highly customized detection of anomalous behavior, specific to the protected network, and generate alerts both for potential security risks as well as continuity risks. 

CYBERBIT will present its cybersecurity portfolio, for the first time in the UK, at Infosecurity Europe in London, the Olympia, June 7-9 2016


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