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Caja Madrid implanta la solución anti fraude Nice Actimize

La solución permitirá visualizar todas las actividades de contratación y trading, e identificar y denunciar las transacciones sospechosas

Caja Madrid implanta la solución anti fraude Nice Actimize

Caja Madrid implantó solución de Nice Actimize

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Actualizado el 23 de julio, 2010 - 09.20hs.

Caja Madrid implantó la solución anti fraude contra Abusos de Mercado de Nice Actimize, en busca de cumplir los requisitos impuestos por la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), así como para estar en regla con la Directiva Europea sobre Abuso de Mercado.

Junto con Deloitte España, Actimize lanzó la primera fase de su solución contra el Abuso de Mercado, que cubre los modelos de alta prioridad de la Caja, y se encuentra ahora implementando el resto de la solución contra abuso de mercado. De este modo, Caja Madrid, que gestiona activos por un valor superior a 191 mil millones de euros, podrá visualizar todas sus actividades de contratación y trading, y tendrá la posibilidad de identificar y denunciar las transacciones sospechosas.


Caja Madrid Launches Market Abuse Solution from NICE Actimize to Comply with Local and European Regulations
NICE Actimize’s full market abuse package enables identification and reporting of suspicious trading activities on a single technology platform

RA'ANANA, NEW YORK & LONDON– July 22nd, 2010 - NICE Actimize , a NICE Systems (NASDAQ:NICE) company and the largest and broadest provider of a single financial crime, risk and compliance software platform for the financial services industry , today announced that Caja Madrid, one of the largest savings banks in Spain, has deployed its Market Abuse solution to comply with strict requirements imposed by the Spanish regulator Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) and to better align with the EU market abuse directive. Caja Madrid has implemented NICE Actimize’s Market Abuse solution to help it monitor and prevent market manipulation and insider dealing.

Caja Madrid is one of the first savings banks in Spain to adopt this type of solution. The Savings bank has assets of 192 billion Euros under management . Working alongside Deloitte Espana, NICE Actimize deployed the first phase of its Market Abuse solution, including the bank’s high priority models, within three months, and later phased in the full market abuse package to provide Caja Madrid with a complete overview of trading activities with the ability to identify and report suspicious transactions.

“The Actimize Market Abuse solution is a highly flexible and fully scalable product,” explained D. Manuel Fernandez Navarro, Head of Compliance at Caja Madrid . “We set an aggressive deployment timeline and are proud that the first production phase of our compliance program was completed within three months. We were satisfied with the solution and NICE Actimize’s deep domain expertise within the brokerage compliance space.”

The Actimize Market Abuse solution helps large to mid-sized firms comply with regulatory requirements from all European regulators by monitoring and detecting suspicious transactions and automatically distributing alerts directly to relevant users within an intuitive case management workflow environment. It increases firms’ insight into suspicious behaviour and improves risk management and compliance performance.

The Actimize Market Abuse solution uses several analytical methods to assign pnriority scores to alerts, thus improving the efficiency of regulators, trading managers and compliance staff. NICE Actimize’s solutions are all built on a single technology platform, which provides lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as compared to siloed solutions and gives firms the flexibility to incrementally add new solutions over time.

“The EU Market Abuse Directive is very detailed, but it is up to each member country to interpret and to take the appropriate steps to adhere to the guidelines, and the Actimize Market Abuse solution has set the standard in Europe, being leveraged by firms and regulators alike,” said Bruno Piers de Raveschoot, vice president, Head of Europe and Asia Pacific of NICE Actimize. “Caja Madrid is leading the way in Spain, by using our Market Abuse solution. Working across Europe, NICE Actimize helps its clients comply with the broader EU rules and local interpretations.”

About Caja Madrid
Caja Madridheads up the fourth largest financial group in Spain, with a 2009 year end assets of EUR 192 billion, over 7 million customers and a market share in both loans and customer funds of over 7%. It follows a universal banking model, offering a wide array of products and services in retail, investment and private banking throughout its 2,179 branch network in Spain. At the end of 2009 it employed 15,259 people Caja Madrid group holds four branches abroad: Miami, Lisbon, Dublin and Vienna.

aja Madrid is the leader and the most ancient entity concerning “Social Action”, engagement and volume of applied resources.

About NICE Actimize
NICE Actimize, a NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) company, is the world’s largest and broadest provider of a single financial crime, risk and compliance software platform for the financial services industry . NICE Actimize empowers its clients to prevent financial crime, mitigate risk, reduce operational costs, minimize losses and improve compliance. The company provides real-time and cross-channel fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, enterprise investigations, risk management and trading surveillance solutions built upon the Actimize Core Platform which has been enhanced by the company’s acquisitions of Syfact and Fortent (Searchspace) analytics and technology.  With offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, NICE Actimize serves more than 200 clients globally including all of the world’s 10 largest financial institutions.

About NICE Systems

NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) is the leading provider of intent-based solutions and value-added services, powered by advanced analytics of unstructured multimedia content – from telephony, web, radio and video communications. NICE’s solutions address the needs of the enterprise and security markets, enabling organizations to operate in an insightful and proactive manner, and take immediate action to improve business and operational performance and ensure safety and security. NICE has over 24,000 customers in more than 150 countries, including more than 80 of the Fortune 100 companies. More information is available at

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