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Más de 100 clientes de energía y servicios públicos en el mundo implementan la Plataforma de Inteligencia de Seguridad QRadar para vigilar y proteger sus infraestructuras críticas

Optimización de red inteligente, masiva, y la eficiencia operativa son requisitos clave que las empresas reconocen en esta plataforma

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Actualizado el 30 de agosto, 2011 - 06.10hs.

En el mundo, más de 100 clientes de energía y servicios públicos implementan la Plataforma de Inteligencia de Seguridad QRadar de la compañía Q1, para vigilar y proteger sus infraestructuras críticas. Los principales atributos de la Plataforma de Inteligencia de Seguridad QRadar incluyen, entre otros: Control de configuración y seguridad de las capacidades de supervisión del estado que se alinean con North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) y las normas de protección de infraestructuras críticas (PIC); Informes pre-construidos de servicios públicos y el cumplimiento que se actualizan automáticamente para cumplir con la auditoría de cumplimiento actuales y futuras; Integración probada con las infraestructuras de redes inteligentes como la integración con las redes de Silver Spring y medidores de Itron inteligente.

Nota de prensa en inglés:

A Year on from Stuxnet, More Than 100 Critical Infrastructure Customers Rely on Q1 Labs for Security Intelligence
Smart grid optimization, massive scale, and operational efficiency are key requirements

WALTHAM, Mass. - August 15, 2011 − Q1 Labs, the global provider of total security intelligence solutions, today announced it has more than 100 energy and utility customers worldwide using the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform to monitor and secure their critical infrastructures.

Key attributes of the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, optimized for Critical Infrastructure entities, include:

    Industry-leading threat correlation, including embedded geographic data from 3rd party intelligence feeds so customers can monitor and protect against advanced targeted threats by criminal organizations, nation state, and other sophisticated attacks on our critical infrastructure
    Visibility and packet layer forensics into custom applications and protocols found in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks
    Cyber asset identification, configuration monitoring, and security status monitoring capabilities that align with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards
    Pre-built utility and compliance reports that are automatically updated to meet current and evolving compliance auditing, reporting, and validation initiatives driven by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), etc. and new reporting requirements as they evolve
    Proven integration with smart grid infrastructures including integrations with Silver Spring Networks and Itron smart meters

"Executives in critical infrastructure organizations and the manufacturers of smart meters and smart appliances need to recognize the magnitude of the risk they and their customers are exposed to, and allocate the budget and resources to build IT security into their products and offerings," said Chris Poulin, Chief Security Officer for Q1 Labs. "What our many energy and utility customers need and get from our QRadar Security Intelligence Platform is unmatched visibility to identify threats before they culminate in a compromise, and the scale in both performance and deployment to support our nation's-and the world's-critical infrastructure."

The recent "State of IT Security: Study of Utilities & Energy Companies"report from the  Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Q1 Labs, brought to light a few interesting statistics, such as:

    75 percent of global energy organizations surveyed admit to having suffered at least one data breach over the last 12 months
    69 percent of organizations feel a data breach is very likely or likely to occur over the next 12 months
    67 percent of energy organizations are not using what would be considered "state of the art" technologies to minimize risks to SCADA networks

These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to identifying the risks within critical infrastructures. Q1 Labs has worked closely with customers to enhance their security postures to help combat outside and insider threats.

"Sourcefire has partnered with Q1 Labs to deliver added network visibility and to further integrate intelligence required for addressing threats and vulnerabilities in Smart Grid and critical infrastructure environments," said Doug Hurd, director of technical alliances, Sourcefire. "Sourcefire's powerful IPS, when used in conjunction with Q1 Labs' QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, provides an enhanced set of capabilities to better predict, prevent, respond and remediate attacks and vulnerabilities."

For more information on Q1 Labs' Critical Infrastructure solutions, click here. To view the "Protect & Defend Your Critical Infrastructure - SCADA, Smart Grid, and Compliance" webinar recently conducted by SourceFire and Q1 Labs, click here.

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