Singapore company imToken broadens its footprints in Web 3.0

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Singapore company imToken broadens its footprints in Web 3.0

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SINGAPORE, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 1st, imToken, Alibaba Cloud, and ChainUp announced the formation of the Web3.0 Innovation Alliance at Alibaba Cloud Day Singapore.

The alliance aims to bring together imToken's blockchain talents and expertise, Alibaba Cloud's mature Web 3.0 solutions, and ChainUp's vast experience in one-stop blockchain technology services. The collaboration of imToken, Alibaba Cloud, and ChainUp will strengthen the Web3.0 ecosystem and benefit the public by attracting more Web3.0 startups to join the alliance and incubating more Web3.0 technology innovations.

imToken and Web3.0 Innovation Alliance

According to statistics, the total market value of the current Web3.0 ecosystem is approximately $24 billion, with a rapid increase to $80-100 billion by 2030. Token is always the carrier of Web3.0; as the market value grows, token is in rapid development, just as the Token type and economic model are currently undergoing rapid evolution.

Since its beginnings in Singapore in 2016, imToken has assisted over 10 million users in entering the blockchain and benefiting from the blockchain payment application. Because the Tokenized world will soon be a truth, imToken, as a crucial tool for Human-Building Interaction (HBI), has always been devoted to "everyone equal access to the Tokenized world."

On the same day, September 1, imToken announced an investment in Silence Laboratories, a cybersecurity Web 3.0 startup focusing on securely managing private keys for organizations using multi-party computing (MPC) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) technology. Without a doubt, the security of private keys is a critical core requirement for wallets, for imToken.

With its participation in the Silence Laboratories seeds round, imToken looks forward to future collaboration with Silence Laboratories. ImToken and Silence Laboratories are able to ensure everyone's access to the Tokenized world with the guarantees of the private key by combining imToken's rich experience in wallet products and Silence Laboratories' cutting-edge technology in Web3 security.

imToken supported and participated at the 6th edition of Devcon in Colombia in the past week in October. Ethereum is the foundation of the blockchain and is imToken's first priority business direction. Despite Devon being interrupted by COVID for two years, imToken continues to support Devcon 6 and meet all blockchain enthusiasts at Devcon in Bogota. imToken is excited sharing its most recent Tokenised World insight and discusses the future of Tokenised World with the community in Bogota, Colombia.


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