Stolen credentials are the primary vector for hackers to access your corporate IT environment and launch ransomware attacks. 80% of hacking techniques leverage stolen or brute-forced credentials. Nearly 60% of businesses have experienced a major data breach caused by a third party. When critical information is breached, your business, brand and reputation are damaged. Organizations can’t wait for these data leaks to turn into major data breaches. In order to stay ahead, security and vendor risk management teams need actionable threat intelligence at their fingertips. In this session, SecurityScorecard, CybelAngel & a Customer Speaker will unpack what it means to incorporate security ratings and digital risk protection into your automated risk management program, and give you an inside look into SecurityScorecard & CybelAngel's newest features to incorporate continuous digital risk protection and security ratings into your strategy. What we’ll cover: - How to incorporate security ratings and digital risk protection data into your organization’s risk management strategy - What next steps you should take with internal teams and third parties when an event - such as critical vulnerability or leaked information - is detected - Learn best practices to do this effectively from a customer speaker - Give you a sneak peak into the latest features to help you automate security ratings and digital risk protection in one platform


17:00 - 18:00 hs GMT+1


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