In today’s digital economy, customers are all-powerful. They have the ability to search for and find products and services, find reviews and ratings, find out about alternative products and services via search and social networks, ask questions of others about products and services, and find comparison sites. All of this can be done from a mobile device while on the move and with so many options available to them. They can switch to a competitor at the touch of a mobile phone screen or the click of a mouse. In this kind of economy, customer loyalty is cheap and so it is essential to know more about your customers, if you want to keep them. However, in many companies, customer data is fractured across many different systems with no way to share and access integrated customer data and insights across all channels to offer up a consistent, personalized customer experience. This webinar looks at this problem and shows how data virtualization can be used to create a Customer Data Platform to solve it. Discussion details: - Digital transformation and the impact on customers - The importance of the customer in the boardroom - Customer interaction - the impact of COVID-19 pandemic - Current problems facing many companies in the front-office from fractured customer data - The need for a Customer Data Platform to engage and retain customers while improving their overall experience - The central role of data virtualization as a foundation for a customer intelligent front-office


11:00 - 12:00 hs GMT+1


Data Virtualization
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